BREAKING: Gillette Dares To Assume That Men Are Decent People

Quite frequently, when the phrase “toxic masculinity” makes its way into the news, I hear some version of this statement:

Quit calling masculinity ‘toxic.’ It makes men feel bad about being masculine, and that harms them.

People who say this seem to think that the phrase “toxic masculinity” means that masculinity, in and of itself, is toxic. But this is a misunderstanding. When people, particularly feminists, use the phrase “toxic masculinity” we’re talking about a certain type of behavior that, unfortunately, many men wrongly believe defines masculinity:


disrespect to women

putting down others to build yourself up

denying all emotion

…and similar attitudes

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Donald Trump perfectly illustrates this Christian principle…

George H.W. Bush died this weekend. He is the first president Jaron and I were aware of in childhood, so we experienced a wave of bittersweet nostalgia at the news—even though, as adults, we disagree with many of Bush’s political beliefs.

His death prompted discussion on how we’ll feel when other former presidents go. Bill Clinton, Bush junior, Barack Obama, and—well, You-Know-Who.

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5 Outdoorsy Activities For Midwest Winters

Outdoorsy Activities For Midwest Winters copyThese are dark times for lovers of the great outdoors.

I mean literally, dark times. Winter has some stinkin’ short days.

If you winter in the Midwest, you also have to put up with gray cloud cover, air capable of freezing your soul, dead plants as far as the eye can see, and bad weather killing your travel plans.

With less beauty to enjoy and temperatures that seem to preclude leisurely walks or long hikes, what’s an outdoor lover to do in this chilly hell? Resign yourself to ugliness and hibernate through March?

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The Last Star Wars Review (for awhile)


Spoilers abound in this review. Duh.

Fair warning: if the two newest Star Wars movies are a source of inspiration and hope to you, don’t let me be a rainy hater on your parade. You keep hoping and being inspired. But do at least hear out and consider my comments about the integrity of art and the weird relationship I’m seeing between truth-telling narratives and consumerism.

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