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Courtland Sykes and the Facebook Post Heard ‘Round the U.S.

I don’t often write about individual politicians. I typically reserve my comments for issues and concepts. So congratulations to Missouri US Senate candidate Courtland Sykes for making such a controversial statement this season that it’s drawn even a hibernating Observational Ginger from her cave. Cortland Sykes, who wants the good people of Missouri to make him their political representative, made…

5 Outdoorsy Activities For Midwest Winters

These are dark times for lovers of the great outdoors. I mean literally, dark times. Winter has some stinkin’ short days. If you winter in the Midwest, you also have to put up with gray cloud cover, air capable of freezing your soul, dead plants as far as the eye can see, and bad weather killing your travel plans. With…

The Last Star Wars Review (for awhile)

**INITIAL DISCLAIMERS** Spoilers abound in this review. Duh. Fair warning: if the two newest Star Wars movies are a source of inspiration and hope to you, don’t let me be a rainy hater on your parade. You keep hoping and being inspired. But do at least hear out and consider my comments about the integrity of art and the weird…


It occurred to me that I never shared my latest and most fun infographic to date: the results of the #GivingTuesdayGU campaign that I helped spearhead for Greenville University this November. Our results were stellar!