Love Grows Mutuality

During the week of April 25-29, myself and others will be blogging on the topic Love Grows Mutuality. (Feel free to use that as a hashtag on Twitter!)

In the past few months, writers and theologians who hold conservative views on gender roles have made a lot of claims that misbehaving men are the only reason women feel they need egalitarianism/feminism, and that if all boyfriends and husbands treated women well, women would abandon these ideologies and slide happily into complementarian life.

A few of us decided to respond by blogging about how our relationships with wonderful men who treat us well have only increased our passion for egalitarianism/feminism. I will be adding to this list of synchro-bloggers all week, so stay tuned. My own post will drop Monday night or early Tuesday. Until then, check out these great thoughts:

A Psalm For An Egalitarian Husband by Sister Mary Dandelion

Just You Wait….the biggest lesson I’ve learned in 10 years of marriage by Meredith Broughton

Love Grows Mutually by Jax Hill

A Picture of Manhood at Scratchpaperthoughts

The Joys of Egalitarian Marriage at Women and Church

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