Follow-up to “It’s All About Women; No, Really!”

Hey guys, remember that time that the president of The Council For Biblical Manhood and Womanhood got frustrated with secular culture because secular culture didn’t believe that complementarianism was all about husbands serving wives?

Well on July 6, CBMW published another article explaining how the way to uphold a strong marriage culture is for wives to serve husbands.

Remember my blog post about this subject a few months back? I said that while CBMW presents a nice definition of husband servanthood, that definition is ultimately undermined by other things the organization espouses that make it more about wife servanthood. I didn’t expect CBMW to provide me with the perfect illustration of this a scant 6 months later!

I don’t know what to say about this, other than that CBMW doesn’t seem aware of its double-speak.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is why secular culture does not believe that complementarianism is about uplifting women. Stop acting shocked when people read between the lines of what you’re saying and come up with the real message–especially if many other things on your web site broadcast the real message so blatantly.

For the record, I’m all about serving my husband, and he’s all about serving me. We just don’t buy into a definition where one person serves and the other person submits (which, when played out in real life, seems to lead to one person getting most of the say and the other person feeling sanctimonious about their lack of clout in the relationship).

Wow, I’m getting blunt and sassy. Better wrap this post up before it gets away from me!

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