40 Days of Easter: April 21

(My to-do book. If it doesn’t get written here, it doesn’t happen.)

To prove to myself that I would actually follow through on my 40 Days of Easter Project, I decided to start right away this morning. So here’s my plan for today’s Eastery-ness:

I woke up this morning after a 3-day weekend realizing how woefully behind I am on work. E-mails to write, things to grade, messes to organize, problems to solve for students and myself, and oh yeah, there’s that article I said I’d have done today. Usually on such a Monday morning, I would feel overwhelmed and grouchy at the task ahead. But today I have decided to love and value my work, even when it feels like it’s got me by the tail. Because, let’s face it: what job could any of us choose that would never, ever feel overwhelming? Sometimes, having a full plate is part of being alive and contributing to society. As long as you don’t feel that way constantly, there’s not necessarily anything wrong.

So instead of feeling upset, I’m going to write out an extensive to-do list of everything that must get done, broken down into manageable steps. I will then try to spend the majority of my workday conquering these steps one by one–even if that means tackling the easiest ones first, and even if they don’t all get done by the end of the day. At 4:30 tonight, I can feel like I was a good steward of my time.

If it seems like I just took this morning’s Easter project as an opportunity to give myself a pep talk and chat about my job in lieu of actually doing it, you’d be right!

Oh, I may also be having some Sparkling Grape Juice with breakfast. Because I’m pretty sure the announced restoration of the entire cosmos could warrant such a thing.

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