The World Vision Gay Marriage Kerfuffle

I never, ever pass up a chance to use the word “kerfuffle.” Expect to see it much more on this blog.

Ahem. I was going to write something about the World Vision KERFUFFLE over gay marriage, but one of my brilliant fellow bloggers has already said everything that I want to say. Except she said it better than I could have. In fact, she helped me understand my own thoughts on the matter, for which I’m very grateful.

If you think you’ve heard all there is to say on this subject, think again. Read blogger Kristen at the Wordgazer’s Words blog for her smart and gentle take on World Vision and Evangelicalism.

2 Replies to “The World Vision Gay Marriage Kerfuffle”

  1. No problem Kristen! Like I said on your original post, I feel like you expressed some things at the heart of the matter that most people (myself included) were having trouble verbalizing, so I felt it was an important read.

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