Welcome to the Rachel Heston Davis blog, home of all my musings on writing and life (life being the experiences of a 25-year-old woman still finding her way in the world). Allow me a quick introduction.

I reside in southern Illinois, which is, for my money, the best place on earth to live (but I’m a little biased–I grew up here). I have one awesome husband, two loving families, many friends, one consuming passion for writing, one house, two cars, a few hobbies, and two pet rats. Yes, I said rats.

My passion is writing. I have a novel-in-progress, a YA epic fantasy with the working title Flynn. Young orphan Flynn is asked to take her parents’ place as military leader against a terrible enemy, but doubts her own abilities and fears that the prince of her kingdom may just be using her to save his own skin.

My graphic series, tentatively titled On Campus, is about neurotic small-town girl Lex Kendal, who enters college against her will and must face life changes and her own obsessive nature with the help of an unlikely band of friends including an angsty tomboy, a womanizing matchmaker who won’t date, a man obsessed with cereal, and a self-proclaimed ex-Fed turned college student.

Other, shorter works include my novella Grace, about a pair of sisters who realize that their family’s quirks are not as harmless as they seem; 24 Rolls of Charmin which details the chilling terror of being discovered TPing in Midwest suburbia; and a short devotional in progress about the nature of community in the Christian life.

My faith in Christ is the biggest factor in my life, and though this worldview influences everything I write (as is the case with all authors, no matter their worldview), most of my work is not overtly Christian.

I am interested in books, movies, plays, novellas, graphic novels and anything else as long as it has a good story behind it. I’m particularly attracted to YA literature.

Besides my faith, my loved ones, and my work, my other all-consuming occupation is trying to figure out who I am. I don’t fit the cookie-cutter mold of white middle-class Bible belt church-raised 25-year-old female, so I devote a lot of time to just being Rachel instead.

I’m glad to have you at my blog and hope you’ll visit again to listen to me rant and muse about things.


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  1. Rachel, is there a way I can subscribe to your blog so I can read whenever you put out more brilliant things?

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