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  1. Hi Rachel, I have demanded an apology from CBMW. In fact I have a petition where others can sign the petition. But that is not why I am writing. Have you written any egalitarian Christian books? I have a website with a friend where we are highlighting books that promote women’s equality. Self-published books are good. You can read more at I loved your blog about Owen and his CBMW stuff. I am so glad whenever I see others expose this to the light. I will put a link to this post on EqualityJunction. Are you connected to any particular faith group?

    I would love to hear from you.

    Shirley Taylor
    Street Evangelist for women’s equality

  2. Shirley,

    Thanks so much for touching base! I would be honored if you would share my link.

    I have not published any books; just a lot of blog posts 🙂

    I’m a Christ follower in a non-denominational Christian church. I am involved with the Facebook pages of organizations like Christians for Biblical Equality, but that’s about it. One of my pieces appeared at The Junia Project in 2014.

    Good to know you! I will definitely check out Equality Junction.


  3. Rachel: I just (moments ago) finished reading your article that went out in the e-newsletter Arise, from CBE. I want to say thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My body relaxed as if a deep sigh had escaped me when I read your words. I have been struggling with this thought for years. I struggled deeply with a tension between what seems to be socially constructed gender roles and the reality that God didn’t create one gender. Yet I didn’t have answers to the question of what it meant to be a woman. Those gender roles and labels didn’t help. And, so I loved your concluding thoughts: Like so many things, it’s a mystery–one that God does not require or expect us to solve. He just wants each person, male or female, to listen for his call in their unique life.

    Thank you!!

  4. Stacy,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! As I said in the article, I really have to give credit to Patricia Gundry’s book and the faithful Christians around me for the ideas in that article. I learned from the best. I agree with you that overcoming the need to define what gender is can be a major emotional barrier to peace within an egalitarian mindset. I think that’s why I chose to write about that topic–I had discovered for myself how important it was to come to peace with it. I feel so blessed that my words were able to help you!

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