Proverbs 32: A husband of epic awesomeness, who can find?

A husband of epic awesomeness who can find?
He is worth far more than chocolate desserts.

His wife has full confidence in him
and sure enough, his grocery run lacks nothing that was on the list.

He brings her fun and compliments and love, not drama and neglect and disappointment,
all the days of his life.

He selects audio and video clips
and works eagerly on his recording software.

He is like the finest of musical entertainers,
providing joy to thousands of listeners through his Youtube channel.

He gets up while it is still night to get to work on time;
he provides a house, wise financial investments, and fun vacations to his family
and portions for the family’s long line of pets (who all tend to be on the chubby side).

He considers a 2012 Toyota Prius and buys it;
out of its gas savings he takes many road trip vacations.

He sets about his work vigorously,
his brain is strong for its tasks.

He sees how much his fans enjoy his music
and his computer does not turn off at night.

In his hand he holds the keyboard
he grasps a microphone with his fingers.

He opens his arms to friends and family
and helps people out with budgeting woes.

When it snows, he has no fear for his household,
because they bought the bread and milk last night and he is well-liked enough at work that he can work a day at home if the roads get bad.

He makes the bed about as often as his wife;
he is clothed in David Bowie T-shirts and jeans.

His wife is respected at their alma mater
where she takes her seat among the scholars.

He fulfills song requests
and supplies online shows with Bowie impersonations.

He is clothed with intelligence and wit,
and can laugh at the clown show that is the White House these days.

He speaks with wisdom
always ready to compromise, learn, change, and grow.

He watches over the dirty dishes and laundry of the household
and does not eat the bread of traditional gender role idleness.

His cat arises to call him the best playmate (and pin cushion) ever;
His wife also, and she praises him.

“Many guys think they’re all that,
but trust me, honey…you surpass them all.”

Flattery is deceptive; huge muscles eventually turn into fat; flowery promises often don’t materialize; and “good intentions” get you nowhere by themselves,
but a man who fears the Lord, creates beautiful music, acts on his words, embraces feminism, has a heart for others, and cooks better than I do, is to be married!

Honor him for all that he has done,
and subscribe to his Youtube channel!

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