Shameless Plugs

For anyone interested in my current projects, here’s a post completely dedicated to shameless plugging of my own work. Yay!

Flynn–A 16-year-old orphan is asked to take her parents’ place and lead the kingdom against a vicious race of Warlocks, but she doubts her abilities and fears that Prince Aramor may just be using her to save his own skin. (YA epic fantasy, ages 13-18, about 430 pages–Book I)

On Campus–Neurotic small-town girl Lex Kendal goes to college under duress, and must survive this new life (and her own obsessive personality) with the help of an eclectic band of friends: a matchmaking womanizer who won’t date; an angst-ridden tomboy; a young man obsessed with cereal; a self-proclaimed ex-Federal agent turned college student; and of course, That Mysterious Cute Guy. (YA graphic novel/series, ages 13-18, scripting stage)

Grace–Riased in the quiet, upper-middle-class Midwest, 14-year-old Tracy begins to realize that her family’s quirks aren’t as innocent as she supposed. Her sister Grace’s happiness hangs in the balance. (Novella, crossover YA/adult lit, 18,000 words)

Short Shorts

24 Rolls of Charmin–An unusual glimpse into the harrowing world of TPing in small Midwestern Towns. (Humor, 2,150 words)

Unnamed Sci Fi Project–Why has 17-year-old Allie been arrested and whisked away to a mysterious reform school? What does the government want with her? It has something to do with her altered genetics, but most people her age were genetically altered in the womb–what’s different about her? (YA, ages 13-18, drafting stage)

So there they are. I’ve got other ideas bumping around in the old head, but these are the only ones clearly formed.

I’m starting to envision another novel, this one a sci-fi or sci-fantasy about a 35-year-old couple who spent their younger years enforcing justice in a sparsely-colonized area of their planet. Years later, retired from that hectic life and parents to a five-year-old son, they question things about their love and their marriage for the first time. As their home grows more unstable, a new threat rises on the planet and they are drawn into their old battles against their will, determined to protect their family but unsure how when even their love is falling apart. (This is literally all I have. I don’t even know what the threat is yet…but I do know whether they stay together in the end or whether she goes back to her old lover!)

Any comments, ideas, suggestions, requests to see excerpts on my blog? (Hey don’t look at me like that–I can pretend my ideas are that interesting if I want to!)


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  1. I’d just like to say that I’ve been super excited about the Flynn story ever since you mentioned it to me as an idea years ago. I’d love to read the finished product whenever you deem it ready.

    I’d also like to mention that I’m very jealous of all these great stories you’re actually sitting down and writing. You’re doing what a lot of us never could, and you’re good at it. I’m in awe of your work almost every day, so try not to get discouraged–you’ve got more discipline and talent than most people I know, including myself.

    I can’t wait to say that I knew you before (and during!) your famous years!

  2. Oh gosh, I’m getting more and more intrigued by this Flynn story you’ve been working on. I’d love to read a snippet or two if you feel like sharing =P And I’d love to have a pow-pow with you sometime about your writing process and how you pull your plots together.

    The graphic novel you mentioned sounds insanely interesting! Will you be doing sketches yourself?

  3. Yes, Lisa, in answer to all your questions–we do need to get together and have our own little “writer’s conference,” and I was in fact thinking of posting an excerpt of Flynn on my blog.

    And yes, I’m going to do my own drawing for the graphic series, but I think I’ll finish a big chunk of the script before I start working on it for real. I’ve done a few pages, but my ideas change so much in re-drafting that I’m afraid of doing a whole bunch of drawings and then deciding the plot needs to be wildly different!

  4. Please let’s ^^ And that makes perfect sense; I have trouble actually sitting down and writing out all of the scenes that I imagine for fear of not wanting to use them or of reversing the polarity on my ideas. Which is dumb. It’s like… not writing because I’m afraid of writing, which makes NO sense. But in the case of artwork for a graphic series, it’s considerably more practical.

    Good luck with your deadline!
    Tell Holly I said hallo.

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